• Solar Road Trip

    Following the sun across the nation, we’re seeing first-hand how solar is working for America and meeting today’s Solar Generation: the project developers, manufacturers, installers and of course, the clients – the people who are using solar power in its various forms for their homes, businesses and public buildings.


    Solar Road Trip
  • Got Roof? Get Solar.

    If your roof is facing south, southeast, or southwest and is unobstructed by trees or shade, you are probably a good candidate for solar. Today there are two ways homeowners Get Solar. They either lease a system for a fixed payment for 15 years, or they purchase the system. (Just like cars.) Let Solar Electric NJ, LLC show you the advantages for both. Either way, you will save money from using clean renewable energy.

    Got Roof? Get Solar.
  • A credit from the ultility company?

    You bet! Investing in a solar energy system is a smart solution to rising energy costs and runaway utility bills. And because it’s a source of clean, renewable energy, Federal tax credits and State incentives (SRECs) make it possible to have an IRR of 11%. Where else can your money earn this return while producing the electric that you use?

    A credit from the ultility company?
  • We Install Ground Mounted Systems, Too!

    If you have a large property, you could have a ground mounted system installed that could generate up to the total kWh of electricity needed to equal the amount that you have used in the past year. Your local zoning laws must allow this type of installation.

    We Install Ground Mounted Systems, Too!
  • A Company You Can Trust!

    As a regional contractor specializing in solar energy system installation, Solar Electric NJ delivers excellent client service, quality and extraordinary care in designing and installing a system to meet your energy needs for your home or business. When you deal with Solar Electric NJ, you deal with a life-long Southern New Jersey native with over 5 years solar pv and 35 years residential building and development experience. Our installers have over 350 systems completed in their portfolio.

    A Company You Can Trust!
  • Residential Solar PV Lease Program

    NO money out of pocket.  FREE SOLAR!  Yes, you can have solar installed on your home for free.  You will save at least 30% off the cost of electricity that your current buy from the utility for the same amount of electricity that is produced by the sun.  Contact us to discuss either a roof or ground system for your property.

    Residential Solar PV Lease Program
  • Westmont Fire Co. Solar PPA

    Westmont Fire Company had solar pv installed on their building at NO cost to them. They will pay a fixed rate for each kWh of electricity that the array will produce for the next 15 years, with NO increase in rate through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

    Westmont Fire Co. Solar PPA

How Solar Works

Solar PV for your home or business is a great way to save money on your electricity bills. The system is simple to operate, with little or no maintenance, and SolarElectricNJ makes it easy to have installed.
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How You Save

With our Residential or Non-Profit Organization Solar Lease Program, we install your system for free and we maintain the equipment on your property. In the event that something needs repair, you do not have to worry about maintenance costs. If you own your own system, you will receive all the tax benefits and incentives, and SRECs, in addition to all the free kWhs you generate.
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Case Histories

The Sun’s power provides clean energy in your home or business by interacting with solar modules installed on a South, South-East, or South-West facing roof that is bathed in sunlight, without shade from trees or obstructions.
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I considered solar for my home for some time, but was not comfortable with the out of pocket expense. When Solar Electric NJ showed me how I could lease a pv system and have it installed at no cost to me, and save money every month, I was convinced to do it. The installation went extremely smooth, and I am saving more than expected every month. I can recommend it to everyone.– John H, Mantua, NJ

My wife and I both retired as teachers and are now on a fixed income. We decided to buy a system for our home, and in the past two years we have had one electric bill - of $7.65! My wife was the one that was hesitant at first, but now is the biggest cheerleader for going solar. Jim was extremely knowledgeable and still checks with us to make sure everything is working.–Harry and Barbara R. Haddon Twp. NJ

I noticed a large solar system on a business that I deal with, and asked them if they liked it. I then contacted the company that they told me installed it, and we met with Jim. He explained how we could have a system installed for no cost, and it would produce all the power we need during the year. The installation has just been completed and we are excited to start saving money every month.–Alexander and Dorothy S. Shiloh, NJ

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