Due to government regulations, Non-profit organizations are not eligible to take advantage of all the tax benefits associated with purchasing a solar pv system. Because clean energy is good for the Earth and can also be a money saver, Non-Profit organizations are eligible to participate in a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). The “Host”, the non-profit organization, agrees to purchase all the kWh produced by the solar pv system every month at an agreed upon rate from a company who owns the system. The cost for this on-site generated clean energy will save the Host money off the cost of purchasing the same amount of kWhs from the utility company. The Host has the choice of locking in the first year rate for 15 years, or starting with a lower rate and then paying a slight increase each year. If the utility company increases their rate at their historic levels each year, the Host will see increased savings every year. We will assist you in analyzing your current electric bills to show you how you can save money for the organization without any cost of installation. NO out of pocket costs, NO installation costs, NO maintenance or repair costs.