NJ Clean Energy Ventures

Now you can have solar energy installed on your residential property for NO COST* to you with a lease or PPA (power purchase agreement). Your roof – or yard if zoning allows – can become a mini-electric generating facility. We will install a solar pv array on your roof or property and you agree to buy the electricity that is produced at a greatly reduced rate from what you are currently paying the utility company. Any additional electric that you need, because the system can only be as big as your roof allows, will be supplied by your utility company as it is now.

You will pay monthly for the system installed on your property and this payment will save you about 30% off the cost to purchase the same amount of electricity from your current utility company. If you have a large property, you could have a ground mounted system installed that can generate all the electric that you need as long as your local zoning allows this type of installation. With either roof or ground system, it must not have any shade created by neighboring trees or obstructions.

The system is maintained and insured by the lessor during the term. At the end of the term, you have the option to purchase the Solar PV system at the then fair market value, or you can instruct the lessor to remove the system at no cost to you.
*Subject to credit approval.