Residential Ground Mounted System – Shiloh, NJ

Alexander and Dorothy S. from Shiloh NJ, are on a fixed income and monthly utility bills were always present and increasing every year. While visiting Woodruff Energy, Alexander noticed their solar array, and inquired as to who installed it, and did they like it. Alexander contacted Solar Electric NJ and the benefits of solar with no out of pocket expense were explained. Although his roof faced the right direction, and was unobstructed, he requested that a ground mounted system be installed, so that it could produce all the electricity that they needed. A 14,700 watt DC system was installed in September 2013 at NO COST to them. They will pay a monthly lease that will never increase, and will save them at least 30% off their previous electric bills in the first year. As the retail rate of electricity increases, they will save more and more as time goes on.

Residential Ground Mounted System in Shiloh, NJ