Non-Profit Organization PPA – Westmont, NJ

Westmon Fire Company Solar PV Roof Installation in Westmont, NJWestmont Fire Company, like all Fire and EMS services, are always looking at ways to save money. They decided that locking in their electric per kWh rate at a lower rate than they were currently paying, was a good way to predict electric cost. With NO COST to them, they entered into a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with a large New Jersey company, and agreed to purchase all the power generated from the solar pv system. Any additional power needed, continues to be purchased from their local utility company at the current retail rate. The system that could fit on their roof consists of 143 modules for a total of 39,200 watts DC, and is projected to generate 72% of their yearly use of electricity.

Solar panel installation for the Westmont Fire Company