Commercial (purchase)

If you own a business, the cheapest energy you can purchase is that which you produced. Are you tired of purchasing electricity from the utility company, or a third party supplier, that constantly gets more expensive each year? If so you should own your own generation facility – a solar pv system. 30% of the total purchase price is given as a tax credit by the Federal Government. The IRS allows MACRS depreciation. The income from SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificate) and the savings of electricity enables a short pay off period, usually  to 5-6 years. During this time, you are paying yourself for the electricity, instead of the utility company. Contact us so we can show you and your CFO how going solar can increase your bottom line. Join the over 178,600 New Jersey owners of solar systems saving money every month. The additional benefits of reducing your carbon foot print and ability to express to your clients that you have “gone green” and are helping the Earth, cannot be financially calculated. The power of energy independence is in owning the means of production.