Residential (purchase)

Although most residential homes having solar pv installed today are using “third party ownership” – leasing companies, due to No installation cost, the most economical system is to purchase and own it. The best way to explain this is, it is better for you to make the money, rather than a leasing company make money on your property. Yes, you save money with a lease, BUT you MAKE money by owning your system. With the Federal Government allowing you a 30% tax credit on your income tax off the total cost of a system, plus the savings from the utility company for net-metering the electricity generated by the solar pv at retail rate value, and the payment of SREC income for 15 years, it makes sense to purchase a system. The calculated Return On Investment is over 11%, and the normal pay-off period is about 5-6 years. After you pay yourself, instead of the electric company, for those 5-6 years, your electricity will be “free”, and you will still earn SREC income for an additional 9-10 years. If you have an investment that is not earning you 11%, or you have savings or the ability to borrow money, then owning is the most economical way to make money.